Las Vegas Golf Vacation Package – The Other Game In The Desert

Golf: The Other Las Vegas Game

If you are looking for a Las Vegas golf vacation package, you are either not that big on gambling or you are with someone who is. It’s no secret that the desert is hot and always will be, nor is it a secret that Las Vegas is and will always be in the desert. There’s a reason they keep the casinos inside where they can pump air conditioning in twenty four-seven. Still, you might find that golf in Las Vegas isn’t as bad as you think. Yes, it is always hot during the day, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your favorite pastime while your spouse works hard at losing the nest egg at the tables.

Finding a hotel in Las Vegas is easy. Finding a hotel and golf package in Las Vegas is decidedly more difficult. It’s not that you can’t find them, but if you have never golfed in Las Vegas before, it’s hard to know which course you want to play. For anywhere between $550 to $900, you can enjoy three nights at such hotels as Rio, Monte Carlo and Harrah’s or enjoy three rounds of golf, one each at Siena Golf Club, Silver Stone and Boulder Creek. This allows you to see more than one course and can even help you decide which ones you like for your next trip.

Arroyo – a Public Course with the Feel of a Private Club

Some courses are just a little more prestigious (expensive) than others, but you usually get what you pay for. A package including the same hotels as noted previously, but including golf at TPC Canyons, Badlands, and Rio Secco can cost anywhere from $850 to $1200 for a three night stay. Las Vegas has nearly thirty golf courses of all different varieties. Arroyo at Red Rock Country Club is a public course with the feel of a private club. Its upscale atmosphere will make you feel like you just snuck over the wall of an elite members-only club. The course itself is designed by Arnold Palmer and is very close to several major hotels as well as Red Rock Canyon.

Las Vegas National Golf Club is one of the oldest and most memorable courses in Nevada. It has an “old-style Vegas” feel to it and you really won’t believe you’re in the desert. While you await your tee time or when you are cooling off from a long 18 holes, take a tour around the clubhouse. You’ll see photos and memorabilia from PGA Tour events that were once held here annually. If you appreciate places with a history behind them, you’ll love this course.

Finding Information on Golf Courses in Las Vegas

To decide which of the numerous golf courses and hotels you want to spend your time with, you will just have to dive in and start reading. It is not hard to find reviews and information on each and every golf course in Las Vegas. You might want to solicit the help of friends that have participated in Las Vegas golf vacation packages as well if you know of such friends. They may be able to help you figure out which courses are good and have accommodations nearby, which ones to steer clear of. At first you might feel like you are actually playing on the surface of the sun, but once you get used to the heat, Las Vegas golf can be a very pleasant experience.

As you walk around the clubhouse you will find photos of past champions of the PGA Tour event that was annually held on this golf course. Also be sure to check out the home that was featured in the 1995 movie “Casino” with Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. This home is located on the left side of the 1st hole and left side of the 18th hole.

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